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Experience 7 unforgettable days as you sail around the most stunning islands Croatia has to offer.
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For sailing and adventure lovers, but also for those willing to try a new experience.
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Antipaxos | Sail OnSea
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The perfect destination!
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You will fall irreparably in love with the Mediterranean cities, while enjoying a perfect sailing holiday.
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With stunning blue waters, guarded by breathtaking rocky cliffs, the Maltese archipelago is a fabulous sailing destination.
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Customer Reviews

  • We have rented a sailing boat last week through Sail OnSea and everything was tip-top:) they provided us with an excellent skipper, who made our vacation totally awesome. We had a four restless kids on board but he did manage to entertain them and teach them how to sail :). I can only recommend sail on sea and looking forward to my next sailing trip with Sail OnSea and captain Bogdan!

    Marketa Valkova
  • A unique experience. This is the third time we have spent our holiday on the boat but I can say this was the best in every way. Alex Afo made our holiday much more pleasant than we expected. Seriousness, professionalism and sense of humor define him, I practically catalogued him as a friend not as a skipper.

    Alex Giurca
  • Best boat experience ever. Everything went perfectly from start to finish => perfect holiday.
    Alex Afo is by far the best skipper, total involvement and maximum level of professionalism.
    Thanks for everything Alex Afo and Sail OnSea!
    Bogdan Pavel
  • Best of the best! It wasn’t my first experience on the boat, but it was definitely the most enjoyable. Seriousness and commitment define them. Alex Afo, the best skipper ever! Many thanks for everything!

    Diana Modrescu
  • I went on this holiday with the thought that I would make fond memories that will keep me warm until next summer…instead, I met some beautiful, wonderful people, whom I have become attached to and whom I consider friends from now on!!! Thank you all for the time we spent together and I hope to see you more often!

    Andreescu Andrei
  • Thanks to the captains for organising the trip which was SUPERB😚 Thanks to the girls 👏👏care they let the fun begin on both bărcuțe😁😁 Thanks to those who filmed, photographed and shared the memories with the group. Thank you to everyone who gave us a fun and enjoyable time.

    Raluca Stan
  • What was intended to be a ‘once in a lifetime’ experience has become a holiday I want to repeat year after year ⛵⚓☀️. We visited unforgettable places with new and friendly people 😍

    Otilia Cruceru

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