Yacht holidays in the pandemic

If you’re thinking of booking a yacht holiday, you’ll be perfectly safe. We are taking all measures against the spread of the Covid-19 virus. The group boarding a boat is restricted to a maximum of 8 people plus skipper. All those on board must prove at the beginning of their stay that they have a valid green certificate.

Disinfectant, bed linen and clean towel sets are provided for yacht passengers. Most of the time on the boat holiday is spent outside in the fresh air, and when they retire couples have their own room to themselves. At port stops we take walks in the open air and dine at airy tavernas. Tourists choose whether to take part or not. We have so many beautiful places and landscapes to see that we don’t flock to the tourist attractions where most tourists come on holiday.

Unlike a stay in a hotel where many more tourists are staying, the chances of catching the virus on the boat are minimal. We moor in open bays, swim and sunbathe on deserted, wild beaches where other tourists can only reach by boat.

The fact that we are always on the move ensures that we are always close to medical clinics that we can call upon should we need medical assistance. But we’re convinced that a holiday on our yachts is safer than any other holiday you’ve ever been on!

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